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Information for International students – Intake September 2021

The current international health situation in regards to COVID-19  will be a challenge for all international programs in the upcoming months.

Please be aware that we will follow all official regulations and adapt the program accordingly if requested by authorities. Therefore, depending on the situation, the program may begin later than scheduled or may be modified to comply with health regulations. 


Coronavirus epidemic

Faced with the crisis situation linked to the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world, we are communicating to you the instructions concerning IAE students who are abroad as part of their academic mobility or internships.

To this day, the official instructions from the presidency of the university indicate that students currently abroad « must remain on site, unless there is proven danger or individual desire to return to France ».

Our priority is your health and your well being. If the situation allows you to be properly confined, under sanitary, social and emotional conditions that are sustainable over the long term, it seems to us to be preferable to stay where you are and thus avoid crowding in public transport, stations and airports.

However, if you do not feel safe in the country, if the conditions of confinement do not seem tenable to you or if you fear that the situation on the spot will deteriorate quickly, the decision to return belongs to you.
Likewise, if you receive instructions from your host university or from local authorities asking you to leave the country, you should follow them and not take an individual decision to stay outside the legal framework.

In the case of a departure from the country to France, whether it is chosen or imposed by the authorities, contact the embassy or local consular representation to inform them of your departure and take advice from them and instructions to keep on your trip. When traveling, take the necessary precautions and respect the barrier gestures, follow the prescribed health instructions.

Regarding the educational side of the situation, it goes without saying that, given these exceptional circumstances, stopping your mobility or your internship will not penalize you at the academic level and in obtaining your master’s degree.

For students in academic exchange, when your university has set up online learning, whether you are there or returned to France, continue to follow the courses and participate in the planned evaluations.

In a second step, we will work, on a case-by-case basis, on the most suitable alternative solutions to allow you to finish your master’s degree in the best conditions according to the evolution of the health situation.

We are fully aware that the current situation is not ideal to look and to find an internship, companies are faced with serious financial difficulties. Also, nobody knows how long this will last. Therefore, please rest assured that you will not be penalized and we will find solutions on a case by case basis.

In all cases, keep us informed of your situation and your decision to return or stay. The IAE is closed from today and for an indefinite period, but we can still be reached by email or phone.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions
Take care of yourself,

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