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Between the Pyrénées and the Basque coast, in the heart of the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion and on the doorstep of Spain, IAE Bayonne-Pau has established two campuses: Pau and Bayonne. This ideal working environment is enhanced by the high quality facilities and equipment, innovative teaching methods and academic partnerships in France and internationally.

IAE Pau-Bayonne carefully selects its candidates to become part of the school. This allows for a more personalised and tailored learning experience as the school strives to achieve excellence in its teaching and research.

IMG_0935The school does all that it can to accommodate for the students so that they can effectively work with the teaching and administrative teams. This close community in the school means the staff are able to support and facilite the students’ learning as much as possible.

We strive for excellence in all areas of the school and offer the best courses to our students, valuing the quality rather than the quantity of their education. It is with this collaborative relationship with our students that we have high exceptions of them and expect a high level of commitment to their studies, whether at Bachelor, Master or PhD level.

IAE Pau-Bayonne is a school to think about rather than a school of thought. We encourage intellectual development and participation. The input from the professors-researchers and members of the CREG research teams work together to provide continuously up to date teaching that follows the latest research and that is adapted to the real needs of the sector in order to best prepare students for their future careers.

We are proud of the role our university plays in pushing our students to continuously reach further. IAE Pau-Bayonne is continuously growing and developing as it encourages, listens to and responds to the diverse range of strengths and needs of the students, professors-researchers and the partners of the school.

The history of our school is constantly being built upon through its exchanges and partnerships. The school encourages listening, welcoming other points of view and understanding, giving attention to others, to the federation and the team. It is also an impartial and transparent opening to the world.

Strongly rooted in the territory, with its close partnerships with local business and in the local economy, the courses at IAE Pau-Bayonne strive to offer the ideal balance between the needs of businesses and the knowledge acquired by the students. This strong collaboration with local businesses allows our students to better integrate into businesses.

Because there is no innovation without courage, without initiative, IAE develops new projets every year.

Among the many development paths, the school has chosen to concentrate on opening and diversity.

  • Social integration and diversity: The school is impartial but still selective in its recruitment. The students are from mixed professional backgrounds, nationalities and ages.


  • Open-mindedness, diversity of opinion and interest: IAE is driven by professors-researchers and so it not only benefits from being a University, but it also benefits from functioning like une École, and being closely linked to the business world. The spirit of IAE Pau-Bayonne is shared by the 31 other IAE schools in France making it the largest French community for Management sciences and it benefits from this strong network.



  • International integration and cultural diversity: IAE reinforces its international status in Bayonne by offering a large number of courses in English as well as benefiting from 45 international partnerships. For certain Master courses, students can take part in an international academic exchange.


  • Geographic integration and regional diversity: We are one of the only IAE schools in France to benefit from having 2 different campuses. Soon Tarbes will also be joining the two campuses. Thanks to its unique position and strong character in the region, IAE is constantly benefiting from an intercultural environment.


  • Integration of skills, course diversity: IAE Pau-Bayonne offers carefully selected courses at Bachelor, Master and PhD level, adapted to the needs of businesses and enhanced by the latest advances in research. Today, the majority of our students in Master 2 follow work/study courses which offer extra professional experience and contributes to a better integration into a future professional roles.


  • Integration of partnerships and economic diversity: Here the unemployment rate is markedly lower to the national average and we benefit from this advantageous situation. With such a large variety of different businesses and sectors represented in this area, students benefit from the variety of professional opportunities that are on offer. The entrepreneurial spirit of our students is valued, encouraged and supported throughout the school.
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