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European Summer School on Sustainable Supply Chain

European Summer School on Sustainable Supply Chain at IAE Pau-Bayonne , University of Pau and the Pays de l’Adour – Master Achats et Logistique à l’International (supervised by G.Mendy Bilek and Kai Oliver Schocke).

The European Summer School took place on Tuesday 25th of May for two weeks in collaboration with Frankfurt University of Applied Science. More than 45 students and Researchers attend on line research papers and professional presentations proposed by international experts from European Universities and Corporate organizations such as Roche Pharma Industry, Alstom, MBDA Missiles System, Lufthansa Cargo, Dachser, BARIG Aviation…

Each afternoon, students from both countries were assigned in small groups to work on 7 different topics : Digitization of the supply chain, Blockchain for Traceability in Food Industry, Sustainable Urban Transport, Supply Chain Resilience, Pharma Supply Chain, Impacts of COVID-19 on transportation & logistics.

The second stage of the European Summer School will take place end of June in Frankfurt University.

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