Résidence Universitaire Crous 320 – 390 €

Furnished private rooms in a residence including kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. Free internet access.

Bed linen and kitchen tools not included. Laun- derette service available under payment.
Strict conditions are applied.


Limited number of places

Foyer Jeunes Travailleurs 350 – 500 €

Furnished studio or apartment including kitchenette, bathroom and toilet. Free internet access. Kitchen tools included. Flat share possible.

Strict conditions are applied.


Limited number of places

House share
450 – 480 €

Modern furnished houses with all commodities to share between 2 or 3 students.

The houses are not located in Bayonne itself but in Anglet, Biarritz or Bidart.

Sept – June

Limited number of places

Home stay 350 – 500 €

Room to rent within a house or apartment.

Excellent option for immersion in France. Free access to the kitchen.

Open All year long

Important information

– Student is expected to behave in a responsible manner. You will be asked to sign a Charter for a Responsible Stay.

– If you have any disagreement with the landlord/family/residence/ atmate, you will be expected to settle the issue by yourself. Failing this, you may ask to IAE sta to help within reasonable bounds.

– In the case of wishing to change accommodation, it will be by your own responsibility to look for alternatives assuming all consequences. Some contracts require 3 months notice to be able to leave an apartment.

– Housing insurance has to be taken out within 24 hours of securing accommodation

– When you move into an accommodation, you will have to agree upon an inventory of xtures with the owner or real estate agent. This describes the state of the residence and any eventual property such as dishwashers, furniture, etc. The inventory of fixtures should be as precise as possible to avoid any litigation occurring at the end of the tenancy and it must be drawn up upon arrival and departure of the tenant.

– When it comes time for you to move out, you will need to give your landlord prior departure notice. This letter must be sent by registered post and should specify when you intend to leave your accommodation. It must be given in advance and the timeframe is subjected to the conditions of the rental contract.

– When you rent accommodation in France, you’ll need a guarantor in France. For international students who don’t have it and who are under 28, Locaviz can help you obtain a guarantor and nance your deposit. For students over 28 years old, you’ll have to plan to pay for the rent for the whole year in one or two instalments.

• Housing benefit – Aide au logement CAF

All students, including international students, may benefit from a nancial help to pay their rent. Once the rental contract is signed, students can apply for the housing benefit online :

You will be eligible for Financial assistance if :

  •  You are staying more than 3 months in your accommodation
  •  You are an European Member
  •  You are a non-European member but you have an OFII stamp or a valid French residence permit

Note : if your VISA states “Dispensé temporaire de carte de séjour” and/or you don’t have the OFII stamp, you will not be entitled to this benefit.

Documents required :

  • Copy of your passport and your VISA
  • Copy of your birth certi cate translated in French – French Social Security statement if you’re under 28, or private health insurance statement if you’re over 28 or copy of European Health Card
  • Acceptance letter from IAE
  • Rent statement signed by the landlord
  • A certificate written by yourself explaining you hold sufficient income to study in France

Note : allocation of housing benefit is not automatic

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