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Resuming your studies

In addition to the range of courses offered to students, the IAE Pau-Bayonne offers different courses for people who want to resume or enhance their studies in the field of management: Master in Accounting, Auditing, Control (CCA), Master in Administration of Enterprises (MAE), Master in International Management – Specialization Latin America (MIAL), Master in Management and Organisation of Information-Technologies (MOTI), Master in Administrative and Financial Leadership (DAF), Master in Public Management (MPCL and MO2S), etc.

In the following cases you may join a course to resume or continue your studies:

  • You had a break from your studies for a minimum of 2 years;
  • You are employed;
  • You are currently a job-seeker;
  • You are more than 28 years old

To apply to resume your studies on Masters courses at Pau-Bayonne there are different steps to take, depending on your individual situation:

1. In all cases apply through the IAE homepage from the month of March 2022

For questions regarding the registration and application for the courses contact the IAE at:

The IAE’s Secretariat in Bayonne: or bayonne [point] iae [at] univ-pau [point] fr

The IAE’s Secretariat in Pau: or pau [point] iae [at] univ-pau [point] fr


2. Contact the department of Lifelong Learning (one or two steps depending on your situation)

  • For questions regarding funding, work hours, timetable and costs, please contact:

Mme HARISTOY Delphine

accueil [point] forco [at] univ-pau [point] fr
  • You don’t have the required diploma to be accepted onto the course? Ask for validation for your achievements and experiences (VAPP). Contact:

Mme PINAU Murielle 88
accueil [dot] forco [at] univ-pau [dot] fr

* The Validation of Experiences (decree of 1985) allows people who don’t meet the formal qualification criteria to nevertheless have access to academic courses that lead towards a Bachelor or Master qualification. The Validation of Experiences (decree 2002) allows all persons who can prove work experience for a minimum or 3 years (including voluntary work experience) to be fully or partly credited for their achievements and skills in order to obtain a degree. For more information please contact the service of Lifelong Learning.

All students who are applying through Lifelong learning are exempt from taking the entry test (Score IAE Message.)

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