Collecting your degree

Procedure for collecting your degree

National degrees obtained before 2014
The collection of the degree is possible

on site (A),

by post (B) or

by an authorised person on your behalf (C).

(A) Collect your degree in person (depending on the course)

  • In Pau at the secretariat for IAE
  • In Bayonne at the secretariat for IAE

You will need to bring with you:

  • The FORM for collecting your degree
  • Your Identity card

(B) By post
Send a letter to one of the following addresses:

IAE campus de la Nive
8 allées des platanes
CS 68505 – 64185
+33 (0)

IAE campus universitaire
Av du Doyen Poplawski
+33 (0)

Containing :

  • The FORM for collecting your degree
  • One large cardboard envelope, labeled with your address, stamped (prepaid) with the sufficient amount for a letter of between 100g and 250g.
  • A photocopy of your identity card

When sending to an international address please contact the secretariat directly (varying costs for the sending and secure sending).

(C) An authorized third party (on behalf of the student) must bring the following documents:

  • The FORM for collecting your degre
  • Photocopy of your identity card (student)
  • Photocopy of their identity card (the third party)


Important notice: 

The IAE cannot be held responsible in case of loss of the degree in the sending or the obtaining of it by a third party.
The diploma cannot be reissued. Only one copy of each diploma is possible which has to be picked up and stored carefully.