List of courses in English

Our Classes taught in English :

(please contact the IAE International relations office for the syllabus of each course you are interested in) 

Master degree in European and International Business studies

Fall Semester (Sept-Dec)

International Marketing  35hrs 3 ECTS
Organizational Theory 25 hrs 4 ECTS
Accounting 40 hrs 4 ECTS
Supply Chain Management 30 hrs 5 ECTS
Sustainable Supply Chain Management 20 hrs 2.5 ECTS
Methodology in English 20 hrs 3 ECTS
International strategy for business  20hrs 2.5 ECTS
Research Methodology 12 hrs 3 ECTS
French as a Foreign Language 60 hrs 3 ECTS

Spring Semester (Jan-June)

Corporate Finance 30 hrs 5 ECTS
Human Resource Management 40 hrs 5 ECTS
Management Information System 30 hrs 2 ECTS
International Business Game 20 hrs 3 ECTS
International Business Law 40hrs 4 ECTS
European Project Management 30 hrs 4 ECTS
Research Methodology 12 hrs 3 ECTS
French as a foreign language 50 hrs 4 ECTS

Master degree in International Management , Major in International Trade

Fall Semester (Sept-Dec)

Intercultural Communication and Relations   15hrs 2 ECTS
International Transportation  2 hrs 2 ECTS

Spring Semester (Jan-June)

Export Technics – Customs procedures 15 hrs 2 ECTS
International Marketing and Consumer Behavior 15hrs 2 ECTS
E-Business and Digital Marketing 15 hrs 2 ECTS
Intercultural Communication and Relations  15 hrs 2 ECTS
Corporate Social responsibility 15 hrs 2 ECTS



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