Exchange Programs

International students from IAE  partner university (ACI)

Students can follow one semester or 1 full year (the program will be validated by both universities) from the teachings of IAE Master programs, following its level and specialty.

Tuition fees are waived as they are paid in their home university.

Students who are eager to apply for an exchange semester with us should get in touch with the International Relations Office of their home university for all procedures.

Our Classes taught in English :

(please contact the IAE International relations office for the syllabus of each course you are interested in) 

Master degree in European and International Business studies

Fall Semester (Sept-Dec)

International Marketing  35hrs 3 ECTS
Organizational Theory 25 hrs 4 ECTS
Accounting 40 hrs 4 ECTS
Supply Chain Management 30 hrs 5 ECTS
Sustainable Supply Chain Management 20 hrs 2.5 ECTS
Methodology in English 20 hrs 3 ECTS
International strategy for business  20hrs 2.5 ECTS
Research Methodology 12 hrs 3 ECTS
French as a Foreign Language 60 hrs 3 ECTS

Spring Semester (Jan-June)

Corporate Finance 30 hrs 5 ECTS
Human Resource Management 40 hrs 5 ECTS
Management Information System 30 hrs 2 ECTS
International Business Game 20 hrs 3 ECTS
International Business Law 40hrs 4 ECTS
European Project Management 30 hrs 4 ECTS
Research Methodology 12 hrs 3 ECTS
French as a foreign language 50 hrs 4 ECTS

Master degree in International Management , Major in International Trade

Fall Semester (Sept-Dec)

Intercultural Communication and Relations   15hrs 2 ECTS
International Transportation  2 hrs 2 ECTS

Spring Semester (Jan-June)

Export Technics – Customs procedures 15 hrs 2 ECTS
International Marketing and Consumer Behavior 15hrs 2 ECTS
E-Business and Digital Marketing 15 hrs 2 ECTS
Intercultural Communication and Relations  15 hrs 2 ECTS
Corporate Social responsibility 15 hrs 2 ECTS


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