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IAE Pau-Bayonne is the Graduate School of Management of the University.
It offers graduate courses in management in the University of Pau and the Pays de l’Adour (UPPA).

Cour intérieure B3

IAE offers 17 specialised programs at Master and PhD level that are adapted to meet the needs of businesses and are enhanced by the latest research in the academic field of management.
It offers three work-study programs:  apprenticeship contracts, professional training contracts and internship placements.
IAE Pau-Bayonne prepares its students through their studies for senior positions in management and business roles in France and internationally.


The Campus


We have two campuses, one in Pau and one in Bayonne. Located between the Pyrénées and the Atlantic coast and close to the Spanish border, we truly offer an ideal working environment that is enhanced by the high quality facilities and equipment, innovative teaching methods and academic partnerships in France and internationally. The students at IAE Pau-Bayonne benefit from personalised support.



International Relations

IAE Pau-Bayonne benefits from 45 international partnerships in China, Europe, Canada, the USA, Latin America and South America. Students have the opportunity to take part in an academic exchange abroad for one semester.

The school welcomes Chinese students, among others, who are recruited directly from their University by our professors at  well as students from all nationalities. For over 20 years, IAE Pau-Bayonne has maintained strong links with universities in Latin and South America, with regular exchanges between the schools strengthening these partnerships.


Internships and placements for young graduates

Internships in France or abroad: an internship for 6 months in France or abroad is compulsory for all Master 2 courses. This internship is an ideal opportunity for professional integration and a chance to create valuable contacts with other professionals within the workplace.

Average starting salary: 25-30K€/year
Employment rate for young graduates: 91%


Partner businesses

Over 200 partner businesses host interns and apprentices from IAE Pau-Bayonne and financially support the school through the apprenticeship tax. Professionals for our corporate connections give lectures in our school. The close collaboration the school has with partner businesses allows the students to have access to excellent firsthand experience as part of their courses.

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