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Students' union

Students' union (BDE 64)

The Student’s union (Bureau Des Etudiants, BDE in French) at IAE Pau-Bayonne, an association established in 2012, represents all students of the school for the current academic year.

BDE 64 is organised by a team of 21 permanent members in the campuses of Pau and Bayonne.

Student’s union reinforces the cohesion in the school, encourages communication between students, administration staff, professors, organizes events to develop and promote the image of the school, and support student project groups.



Our association is composed of different poles present on both campuses :

  • The committee : 2 co-presidents, 2 co-secretaries, 2 co-treasurers
  • The communication team
  • The partnership team

A word from Students’ union : 

« Our main role is to create a vibrant student life on both campuses, bring people together, encourage greater communication and strengthen the solidarity between the students. We fully support and engage with the various projects lead by the different groups throughout the year.

With passion and motivation, we organize different events throughout the year in order for the students to make the most of out of their time in IAE.

We rely on our members to support us and be part of our adventure. Let the adventure begin ! »

Students’ union team Pau-Bayonne 2023-2024



 The main roles of Students’ union are to :

  • Energize student life on both campuses
  • Build networks and spread information within and outside the school
  • Bring together and encourage student initiatives at IAE
  • Organize various events throughout the year to animate student life
  • Offer partnerships with preferential rates to students
  • Build networks and spread information within and outside the school



The projects of Students' union

The gala
The integration weekend
Student parties and team-building days
Open days and student fairs
Customised sweaters

To contact the association :

The students’ union have premises on the Pau and Bayonne campuses and can also be reached online.

bde.iaepaubayonne @ gmail.com